SWAGBOARD is certainly 100% committed to our clients and we deliver all hoverboard with a free 180-Days guarantee. Our warranty deals with whichever manufacturer defects, or technical flaws, but doesn’t include the following:

      General damage occurred due to improper use.

      Water impairment.

      Framework damage

      Broken or loose charger pins or port

      Electrical deformity because of unsuitable power charger usage.

      Any damage caused by crashes or collisions.

      Carrying Cases, Chargers and Accessories.

      LED Lights

      Bluetooth Speakers

We deal with any manufacturing liabilities or electrical faults and repair or replace your hoverboard model due our repairing service policy in case if we are accountable, however return of delivery must be paid by the purchaser. All our products received in a defective condition must be reported within a week (business days only) and refunded within 15 days after receiving the package. Moreover, the returned package must be in original packaging and in the same condition as collected.

Your warranty starts on receiving of delivery and if your hoverboard’s warranty, exceeds the guarantee period, we offer an exclusive reparation to our clients. Please contact us for any warranty information, queries or repairing charges.

Return Shipping for Warranty Repairs
If you want to return your defective hoverboard under the warranty given, you have to contact us, get details about the return before sending it back. The return shipping charges must be paid by you, despite regardless of our related warranty problem. However, we cover all the repair and shipping back charges to your given address. In case of return, the product logos or labels must not be removed. Otherwise, this will cancel your warranty.

**All returns must include the tracking and total insurance coverage to any damage during transit.

Submitting a Claim
Warranty becomes invalid if your Hoverboard extremely damaged that is can’t be repaired or if it has been highly misused of what is considered normal use, as well as damage due to water. Any damage due to the result of hard and long use are not enclosed under this warranty. For submitting your claim or reporting any related issue, check our contact page and explain your problem precisely.