Hoverboards For Sale


Swagboard is the most reliable and authentic company providing the best hoverboards for sale in Canada. Everyone wishes and desires to have hoverboard as it seems a futuristic gadget. The company has been working since 2015.

They have been providing the strongest technology in their hoverboards, each of their hoverboards comes with UL2722 certification, which means they are safe to use. Along with incontestable built-quality, they have a large number of hoverboard choices for their customers. Let us see what popular options, we have in this best hoverboard store:

1)    HUMMERBOARD 8,5"
The name of this hoverboards speaks itself. It is considered as a conqueror when it comes to off-roading. The extra-wide and large wheels provide great aggressive and bulky look along with great traction on rough terrains such as dirt and gravel roads.

This hoverboard has passed UL2722 certification and comes along with UL Charger. It comes with 400w twice long-lasting motors which provide seamless and smooth riding experience. Bluetooth speakers and led lights are some of the salient features. You can get this best hoverboard in Canada from Swagboard.

This hoverboard has been specifically designed for tough roads. Tire diameter was increased to 10inches to improve the stability on tough roads. This hoverboard is again an interesting futuristic gadget. It has the same number of motors, although with less wattage improving battery life.

Every hoverboard coming from Swagboard is UL2272 Certified and comes along with UL Certified Charger. These hoverboards for sale comes with two powerful motors each of 350w producing enough torque to speed up this machine up to 15km/h. It has the same auto-balancing mechanism.

It is the most luxurious hoverboard which has sporty look and powerful enough for learners and professionals. It is not particularly designed for off-roading, although, you can enjoy this hoverboard on normal roads. The tire diameter was decreased to 8 inches. It is also coming with UL Certified Charger and UL2272 Certification.

It has many more features such as Bluetooth speaker connectivity and full range led lights giving an amazing view when riding during night times. This hoverboard has pre-equipped 300w brushless motors. The self-levelling and no fall technology remains the same in all hoverboards on this best hoverboard store online.

This is the most affordable hoverboard which comes with mini tires of 6.5” diameter. It has a sleek design, which is particularly designed for young ones. It has the same built-quality but the maximum speed was decreased as it is designed for children aged from five to ten.

It has also been UL2272 Certified and comes with UL Certified Charger. The maximum speed for this board was reduced to 10km/h and auto-levelling function was enhanced for kids use. It comes with Bluetooth. This futuristic gadget has many more features such as connectivity, speakers and led lights.

We have plenty variety of hoverboards for sale, coming with various tire sizes and colors, depending on your choice. You can select the best hoverboard which suits your needs. All hoverboard comes with UL certifications. These hoverboards have auto-levelling function, which allows you to learn riding withing just few minutes.