Hoverboard or Self Balancing Board


A Hoverboard, also called "Self Balancing Board" is a type of rechargeable electric skateboard. It usually consists of two wheels arranged side by side, with two small platforms between the wheels on which the user stands. The device is controlled by the user's feet, standing on the pavement equipped with gyroscopic sensors.

In 2014, several of these devices appeared in China, and since 2015, they have become very popular in the United States and very quickly in the rest of the world, following numerous celebrity appearances with the device. There is no universally accepted name for this device, as the various product names are attributable to the companies that distribute them and not to their manufacturers, which makes it difficult for authorities to trace them when verifying their compliance with the applicable directives (particularly with respect to the lithium-ion batteries used in these devices). Please note that all SWAGBOARD Hoverboards have the world's highest safety certification: UL2272.

A Self Balancing Board can be used in conjunction with a Hoverkart : it then serves as a propellant for the kart. It is also advisable to be equipped with a silicone guard, which will allow to protect the hull of the vehicle from shocks. Optional on our 6.5" models.

The use of the term "hoverboard" is becoming more and more common for the designation of "handlebarless gyropods" or "self balancing board" and are therefore referred to in English as self-balancing scooter. According to this data sheet, the word hoverboard is mainly used by brands in mass distribution to facilitate pronunciation.

The hoverboard is initially a fictitious object, a futuristic cinematic anticipation of an advanced scooter, without wheels and allowing it to move by hovering a few centimeters above the ground by levitation or electromagnetic suspension. It first made its appearance in the film Back to the Future 2. In real life and following the film, several companies have researched and developed various prototypes that come close to the initial concept.

Then models of Self Balancing Board were developed by many commercial companies under the generic name of hoverboard. In conclusion, everyone agrees that SWAGBOARD sells the best HOVERBOARDS in the world!