Hoverboard For Sale


Nowadays, finding a hoverboard for sale is very easy. You will find them on several platforms such as: Amazon, eBay, Best Buy or Kijiji. There is no shortage of choices. By experience, we know that the defect rate of hoverboards bought on these platforms is disproportionate and sometimes reaches 20% or even 25% on eBay.

Before buying a hoverboard online, you should first make sure that the hoverboard is UL2272 certified. This certification is the world's highest guarantee of safety and reliability expressly dedicated to hoverboards. Even the charger  should be UL! SWAGBOARD only offers Hoverboards with UL2272 certification. If it's not UL2272; don't buy it. If the seller doesn't know if the hoverboard is UL2272 or if you don't see gold stickers under the unit; don't buy it!

Another thing to consider before buying a hoverboard from all the hoverboards on the market is the "motherboard". This part is the brain of the machine and is the one that manages the stability and regulates the speed and comfort of the hoverboard. With experience and according to many suppliers and manufacturers, they all agree that Taotao offers the best motherboards on the market. In fact, SWAGBOARD uses only Taotao motherboards in all its hoverboards.

In 95% of the cases, the breakage of a hoverboard comes from the battery and the majority of them are simply due to the fact that it doesn't hold its charge. Even after plugging it in for 2 hours, the hoverboard will only give you 2 to 5 minutes of playing time. There's nothing else to do but change the battery again and again. This is where warranty becomes an important issue. When you buy on these platforms, you will be responsible for the burden of proof and returning the hoverboard to the sender to change the battery. Even if the hoverboard is for sale on Amazon, you may have to pay up to $150 USD to return the unit to the manufacturer (overseas) before they send you a new one; fees, delays and stubbornness! There is none of this at SWAGBOARD. Of course not, since we are also from Canada!

In conclusion, even though our prices are excellent, it is possible to buy a hoverboard for a few dollars less, but you are taking a big risk. Quality risk and reliability risk. Hoverboards for sale are everywhere. The best HOVERBOARDS FOR SALE are at SWAGBOARD! Buy local and play with your family.